My name is Dave McCall and I have been a member of the Keizer community for twenty years. 

Growing up in a rural environment, I was surrounded by animals; cats and dogs were part of the family, we had horses and cows and even an occasional pig. Still, the greatest lesson I carry from my childhood is how to treat people. My parents raised me with these basic values: be yourself and treat others honestly and fairly. I believe these values can answer even the hardest questions I face in my adult life. I took these values to heart and apply them in my private and professional life in management.

In 1996 I started working for an Oregon armored car service as a driver; it was a locally-owned business in Oregon and also had operations in Southwest Washington. In 2004 I moved to management in the Salem area, as a manager I was not only responsible for the employees and the equipment, but also for customer relations and contract negotiation. Customer service was vital to the company and I took great pride in working closely with businesses and their employees.

In 2012 Oregon Armored was sold to a large corporation and restructured. The management system that had been in place, including my job as branch manager, was eliminated. I found myself unemployed, with few job prospects. Like many Oregonians, I decided to go back to school. At Western Oregon University I pursued a major in history, but quickly found my passion in political science. It is this newfound passion, education and knowledge that I wish to apply not only for myself but for my community as a legislator.

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