The citizens of Keizer and Newberg deserve a representative who will listen to their needs and concerns and reflect these needs and concerns when writing legislation to resolve these issues.

My name is Dave McCall, and I am running to earn your vote for legislator in Oregon’s house district 25. For far too long Keizer and Newberg have had representation that only serves one ideology, leaving the rest of the citizens in these great cities without a voice. I am running to represent all of my constituents in Keizer and Newberg, not just those who contribute to our campaign or vote for me.

As your representative, I promise to make myself available to you, to hear your voice, and to take your concerns into account. Even if we don’t see the solution from the same point of view, we can work together to make District 25 stronger and more unified.

You can read more in detail my continued platform that addresses what I see are the specific needs of this community by clicking one of these links:

Vote for Dave McCall on May 15th and again on November 6th. Together we will return the voice of Keizer and Newberg back where it belongs; to its citizens. Thank you.

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